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 Runescape Classic.

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PostSubject: Runescape Classic.   Runescape Classic. Icon_minitimeThu Nov 12, 2009 1:09 am

Today, Jagex released Runescape Classic, you may sign up if you are a member for 2 weeks, then continue to play.
When I began my RSC adventure, I found myself on a familiar tutorial island, learning the ways which I once knew, gathering supplies. My first few hours of RSC where of collecting wood, bones and other spawns on the ground. Many times I had found peoples deathly drops. I eventually made my way to Edgeville, once I had around 1k coins I bought some Iron armour and I began combat. I looted around 60 raw chicken and bones, 300 feathers, it truly felt like RSC in the old days.
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Runescape Classic.
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